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An Artist’s Way

Oxu Jewelry founder Stephen Martino was raised in Westchester, New York where he learned a variety of skills and art mediums. Eventually, he moved to Brooklyn with the goal of pursuing a career in in 3D model design. It was at Carbon 6 Rings that he would discover a passion for applying his love for 3D art in the form of luxury handmade rings.

For Stephen, creating rings is a deep process. Before deciding on a material, he thinks about how his design will be used and when it will be worn. Once he has cut a blank, he pays extremely close attention to each cut as he's shaping it. Each turn of the lathe crank only brings each ring a sliver closer to its final look, yet he never questions the long process knowing that the result is always worth the work it takes.

Every ring is made with the customer in mind, each with the goal of it being their new favorite. Whether wedding bands or fun stackables, every ring is finished the way rings should be; by hand. You aren't just buying any ring with Oxu Jewelry, you're buying a gift that was handcrafted for you.


Better Designs at a Fairer Price

One thing Stephen realized immediately was that the ring market isn't even remotely what it used to be. The market had become saturated with overpriced, flashy rings that earned their price tag exclusively from using the biggest gems or bland, expensive metals. He realized that people would see the worth of a unique handmade damascus ring when priced at a fraction of a typical diamond ring.

Jewelry can be a great way to demonstrate status, but that isn't the only thing that they should be. Part of an item's value should come from what it's worth to its owner, and what could make a ring more valuable to a person than knowing someone made it by hand for them? 

If that isn't sufficient enough, the unique designs surely will be. From the very beginning, Stephen has been making rings that utilize rare or new materials. From Mokume Gane to Lab-grown Opal, if it is durable enough, Stephen has considered making a ring out of it.

There is rarely a day where you won't find Stephen scouring the internet for the next interesting material worth working with. If he doesn't find a new material on there, he may just find it from you. There's nothing he loves more than custom orders and requests, especially if they're wedding bands. If you're ever looking for a jeweler that's up for a challenge, he's your man.


An Explorer At Heart

Kathryn Grubb is the other half of Oxu Jewelry. Without Kathryn the Galaxy collection wouldn’t be the work of art that it is. Her extensive makeup knowledge has given her the perfect eye for blending colors in ways that most people wouldn’t. As long as she’s got room on her arm to swatch colors, give her any combination of colors and she’ll create magic. Her eye for design helps keep Oxu fresh and interesting by constantly having new ideas on how to experiment with new mixtures.

Kathryn spent nearly a year living in South Korea which has truly influenced the designs that she comes up with. Her appreciation of Korean culture is a daily inspiration and pushes her to want to explore new places and absorb the culture that they have to offer.

On top of being the lead designer behind all of the resin rings, Kathryn is also the lead photographer and marketer for Oxu Jewelry. Her eye for abstract photography mixed with Stephen’s resourcefulness has helped the team create extremely professional and unique photos on a very limited budget. The sky’s the limit and as Oxu Jewelry’s budget grows, Kathryn is going to continue to do the same.

Resin rings are only the start for Kathryn. She’s hoping to launch her own makeup brand in the future and even her own reptile YouTube channel. Her endless fascination with misunderstood creatures has inspired her to find as many ways as possible to help the scaly critters out such as charity rings that help support snakes and their habitats. Her end-goal is to continue traveling the world in order to familiarize herself with every cold blooded friend she can find and potentially save. For now, you can find her at any New York hosted reptile expo.