Shippings & Returns


Oxu at its core is a one-man operation that is assisted by two others. This business is not my primary source of income until it expands further through campaigns such as our Kickstarter. What this means is that your ring will most likely take at least 2-8 weeks to be made. I hope that you'll remain patient as I do everything in my power to get you your orders as soon as possible. We believe that the time it takes to receive is well worth the wait given the fact that they are made by hand. If you have any questions before or after ordering a ring, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All of our products follow the same shipping layout.

Standard 1 - 3 Day — $5 flat rate
International — $15 flat rate

If you require a different type of shipping, please contact support and we will do everything we can to make sure you get your items in a way which suits you best.


Hand crafting rings means that every return is a great amount of time and resources put entirely to waste. We hope to keep the amount of returns as minimal as possible, but understand that they will be inevitable at one point or another. Returns are only acceptable if the product you received does not match the order which you have requested. This includes any of the following:

- It is broken or damaged upon arrival

- It is not the ring that you ordered

If you feel that you are entitled to a return outside of these circumstances, support is always ready to take your requests into consideration. Any requests that are accepted will require the buyer to return the ring in the condition that it arrived if it was not a broken ring. Failure to do so will result in the buyer not being refunded for their purchase.

Oxu operates under a no refunds policy formally unless stated otherwise. Once a purchase has been made, it is to be assumed that the product has begun production within 24 hours. Please understand that this is not to hurt customers, but to protect the business as each sale is currently reinvested back into the business while we attempt to grow. 


Specific rings can be exchanged as long as the original ring is sent back to Oxu Jewelry in the same condition which it was sent in. If a ring is exchanged, the new one will ship 2 - 8 weeks after Oxu Jewelry receives the original ring from the buyer.

Custom ring orders can NOT be exchanged unless Oxu Jewelry chooses to accept due to the nature and time it takes to make rings that are not part of the standard line of Oxu Jewelry. Other options such as an exchange fee may apply if Oxu Jewelry decides to accept an exchange for a custom ring.