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Oxu is a new startup operated almost entirely solo by me; Stephen. As a teenager I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease; a rare illness which effects 1.3% of US adults.

The act of creating a business is already a gigantic challenge and having a disease which affects people like myself daily only contributes to this. Currently, I work other jobs on the side to keep everything running smoothly and even create free YouTube content for anyone looking to learn how to create things of their own.

Philanthropy is something extremely important to me and aiding other people with Crohn's disease is something I have wanted to do since before Oxu had even crossed my mind.

I'm unable to contribute to any forms of charity before I have the proper disposable income, so please consider either supporting my Patreon to support an artist with Crohn's disease or support Crohn's research by visiting the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation